Record Trout
Adam Konrad's Trophy Rainbow Trout

World Record Rainbow Trout He may target trophy rainbow trout, but even
Adam Konrad of Saskatoon, Saskatchewan,
had to say, "Wow," after landing this
43.6-pound pending world record at
Lake Diefenbaker.
By Brett Pauly
Special to ESPNOutdoors.com
Photo courtesy trophytroutguide.com

43-pound, world-record rainbow trout caught in Canada

Identical twins in Canada who target behemoth trout and call themselves The Fishing Geeks may be destined for a more complimentary moniker after their most recent milestone the world-record rainbow.

Adam and Sean Konrad, 26, of Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, each have line-class records for rainbow trout as recognized by the International Game Fish Association. But Adam was the lucky angler who hooked into their largest rainbow trout the evening of June 5 at nearby Lake Diefenbaker, while Sean was targeting walleye on this reservoir system of the South Saskatchewan River.

The final tally after the 20-minute tussle to get the bruiser 'bow to shore: 43.6 pounds, 38.75 inch in length and a girth of 34 inches. Should the numbers stand, Adam Konrad will hold the all-tackle world record for rainbow trout, eclipsing the 42-pound, 2-ounce standard that was set by a boy, David White, in June 1970 on Alaska's Bell Island.

"I call it a freak of nature, but that's what we were looking for," Konrad told ESPNOutdoors.com.

He was casting from shore using an orange, 4-inch Mepps Syclops spoon on 6-pound line. If his line tests to that strength, Konrad also will break the 6-pound line-class rainbow record of 31 pounds, taken at New Mexico's Santa Cruz Lake in 1999, according to Becky Reynolds, the IGFA's world record coordinator. And should the line test high, to 8 pounds, Adam will overtake his brother's record of 34 pounds, Reynolds said.

Adam Konrad already holds the 12-pound line-class record of 33 pounds, 6 ounces. Each of the Konrad twins' records has been produced at Lake Diefenbaker.

Konrad has 90 days in which to submit his catch for record consideration, but he said he already has sent all his paperwork to Reynolds, who confirms she has spoken with Konrad about the catch and has seen photos of the brute.

Reynolds said the twins certainly have a reputation for catching big trout. "They have started and are after the jackpot for rainbows," said Reynolds, who can't comment on pending records.

Photo evidence of the 43.6-pound rainbow was first publicized on trophytroutguide.com, which has an exclusive arrangement with the Konrads. An article has since appeared in the Saskatoon StarPhoenix newspaper.

"It is an ugly one and it is fat," Adam Konrad told the StarPhoenix. "With a 34-inch girth, that's bigger than a human, almost."

The Konrads hope eventually to make livings out of guiding for trophy Saskatchewan trout, and they certainly aren't hurting their reputations with the fish they've brought in recently. Most are released, but "every once in a while" one winds up on the dinner table, Adam Konrad said. And, if you're keeping tabs, the 43.6-pounder is most definitely on ice, he said.

Konrad said he had released an 18-pound rainbow trout some 10 minutes before hooking into the world record about 100 feet from shore. "Then my heart just starting going up," he said. "At first I couldn't move this thing, then I felt the tail wag."

Afterward, the twins bagged the behemoth, drove it home, put it in the freezer, then had it weighed the next morning at a Saskatoon butcher shop.

"Our goal was to break every line-class IGFA record for rainbow trout, then to break the all-tackle record," Adam Konrad said. "But it looks like we broke the world record sooner."

Sean Konrad still has yet to apply for a 50-pound line-class record with the 26-pound rainbow trout he caught at Diefenbaker two weeks back. The twins only have the 2-, 4-, 16-, 20- and 30-pound line-class records to tackle now.

"We want to prove to people how big fish are here," Adam Konrad said. "Saskatoon is underrated."

Not any longer, Adam, not any longer.